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  • Oct 11,  · The human ear inspired the first audio recording device, invented in by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. The machine was called a phonautograph. A horn played the .
  • Advanced Audio Management. 3 modes: Breakaway, Fast Routing and Top Layer; Delay compensation (manual up to 80ms or auto) Audio input: DVI / HDMI / SDI Audio de-embedded; 4x Audio stereo Analog (Balanced/Unbalanced) 2x S/PDIF (AES-3id compatible) Audio output: DVI / SDI Audio embedded; 2x Audio stereo Analog (Balanced/Unbalanced) 2x S/PDIF (AES.
  • Analog (Vinyl) vs Digital Audio (CD, FLAC) Sound Quality Comparison in the results on this one since we were dealing with an original digital recording that had to be remastered for the analog Vinyl version. A lot of the new Beatles records are being done like this from the kHz FLAC files and I'm hearing mixed results of these on our forum.
  • Aug 14,  · Twisted Electrons Acid8 - new 8 bit desktop synth with analogue filter I wouldn' t get this, because someone said it's a "TB clone". But it looks and sounds like a grungy little box.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by EBDA The only guys that should be buying Jupiter X are the ones who previously bought a system 8 or Jupiter 80 and were.. errr 'Happy' with it. True analog fans should look at Prologue 16 or OB-6, or go vintage. I have the OB-6, Minilogue XD (e.g. 4 voice Prologue) and a Jupiter XM. You need all ;-) Each of.
  • Jan 06,  · Having spent the last 15 years or so capturing vinyl, I've moved through the pro-sumer field (M-Audio, Apogee Duet) and recently got a great deal on an Antelope Audio Pure2. My motivation was the acquisition of a Schiit Yggdrasil. It seemed like that "multibit magic" just didn't happen on my digital vinyl captures until I got the Pure2.
  • Analogue Productions set out to produce the ultimate test record. We've consulted many experts in the field, including mastering engineers, audio experts, turntable experts and audiophile listeners, to create a test record that's never been made before/5(32).
  • Nov 02,  · If you want to hear recent analog recordings, just look for anything engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. It is all analog. readandburn, Nov 1, #7. but don't all vinyl records have to be analog mastered? I don't know how a vinyl record can be pressed from a digital master. readandburn, Nov 1, #
  • Oct 09,  · Analog Audio Out (red and white RCA plugs): Analog audio splits sound into “Left” and “Right” components which is called stereo sound. Therefore, if you only have 3 speakers connected to.