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  • Discography of ChthoniC. 9Th Empyrean ChthoniC; Timeless Sentence ChthoniC; Where The Ancestors' Souls Gathered ChthoniC; Bu-Tik (English Version) ChthoniC; Pandemonium ChthoniC; Seediq Bale ChthoniC; Relentless Recurrence ChthoniC; Bu-Tik (Taiwanese Version) Burn CD Burn your music and enjoy it everywhere. iPod compatible All tunes are.
  • Jan 19,  · Chthonic - Mirror of Retribution _____ [Oct 24, pm - xgodzillax ""] "hi, im john dwyer. im an attention whore. AM I COOL YET? AM I?" Loudun La Maudite CD Cerekloth - Pandemonium Prayers CD Church Bizarre - Sinister Glorification CD Deiphago - Filipino Antichrist CD Destruktor - Nailed CD Dishammer - Vintage Addiction CD Evil Army.
  • pandemonium chthonic: pandemonium ep savage skulls: pandemonium gene hunt: pandemonium in dub killing joke: pandemonium ocean airbase: pandemonium prayers cerekloth: pandemonium shadow s harry nilsson: pandemonium sic: pandemonium the sin bodies without organ: pandercakespussy wi pandercakes: pandering to pandemi attack rate.
  • There are no reviews for Pandemonium yet. You can write one. This compilation comes in a box with the CD in a card casing with a design on it, has 10 photos of the band with the lyrics on the back of these photos for the songs, has a Taiwanese design on thin paper, a concertina booklet containing the history of the band and a piece of paper.
  • Totem (aka Edgar Kerval of EMME YA) has erupted from the shamanic lands of Colombia, South America as a powerful, suggestive, transgressive machine, able to transmute and create living incarnated olousouttrenlaposedichmanungsmaral.coinfoh the use of bass sounds, percussive elements, voices and hand made instruments, Totem create a psychotic experimental transmission, focusing on hypnotic transgressive music.