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9 Comments on " Your Watch Is Ten Minutes Slow "

  • Apr 05,  · Slow is also used if your watch or clock shows a time earlier than the real time. Examples: My watch is five minutes slow. (= It shows p.m. when it is p.m.) That clock is ten minutes slow. SLOW as an adverb It is used in comparative and superlative forms or in compounds, and it means that something is moving or is done at a slow speed.
  • May 14,  · Nevertheless, if your watch either gradually slows down, or all of a sudden slows down as a result of a drop or precipitating incident, get it serviced. If your wristwatch all of a sudden speeds up (eg. 30 seconds to multiple minutes), then most likely the balance spring became magnetized.
  • Almost every anti-virus has an option to disable it for a short amount of time e.g. minutes. Just right click on your anti-virus icon from the system tray (bottom right corner of your desktop screen) and select Disable. You will probably see an option of disabling the anti-virus for 10 minutes or until the computer restarts.
  • Feb 16,  · My watch is 5 minutes fast/early/late/slow. Thanks. Feb 19 anonymous + 2. AnonymousMy watch is 5 minutes early/olousouttrenlaposedichmanungsmaral.coinfo these if your watch arrives early or late for an appointment, Alex. Feb 19 RandomGuy + 0. My watch is five minutes fast/slow.
  • Aug 11,  · If you’re in a boring meeting, or on a long flight, “your mind is deeply attuned to time because you’re always checking your watch every 10 minutes or so.” You have little else to do besides watch the minutes tick by, which makes time seem to slow way down.
  • Jul 15,  · Secondly, since the watch is running slow, it might not have enough power. Try winding the watch by hand for a few days. It will add some wear to the crown to wind it but otherwise doesn't hurt an automatic to wind by hand. If this helps, you'll know you aren't active enough to keep the watch .
  • Derek's watch is 15 minutes fast but he thinks that it is 10 minutes fast. Marian's watch is 15 minutes fast but she thinks it is 20 minutes fast. Sara's watch is 15 minutes slow but she thinks it is 10 minutes fast. Tim's watch is 15 minutes slow but he thinks that it is 10 minutes slow. Any help with solving this would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Apr 30,  · My watch is seven minutes slow/fast. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before .
  • Dec 16,  · The Slow Watch is something different, but yet wonderfully old school. It’s a watch with just one hand, but a 24 hour face. The watch has a Swiss-made movement, and the concept is that we have all lost the ability to be ‘slow’ in such a busy world, and a watch with only one moving hand that shows the whole day helps us to do this.