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  • Am I required to upload a separate closed caption file for every title/marketplace? Prime Video is committed to providing captions to videos offered throughout the service. A caption file is required for all titles published in the U.S. and for titles Included with Prime worldwide, except Japan where captions are currently unsupported.
  • May 06,  · Jump to Table of Country-by-Country Responses. Countries around the world continue to implement emergency tax measures to support their economies during the coronavirus (COVID) crisis.. Providing tax relief to the people and companies that are most affected, until the emergency abates, is welcome.
  • Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works.
  • Jul 28,  · Japan After World War I A valuable ally during World War I, the European powers and the U.S. recognized Japan as a colonial power after the war. In Japan, this led to the rise of ultra-right wing and nationalist leaders, such as Fumimaro Konoe and Sadao Araki, who advocated uniting Asia under the rule of the emperor.
  • Feb 07,  · "It's the world in reverse these days. In the 90s it was Japanese banks that had to sell many of those non-performing loans [bad sub-prime loans] to western banks – often at great profit for.
  • Aug 04,  · Rev. Drew Christiansen, S. J. is affiliated with various offices of the Holy See (Vatican) on international security matters, including nuclear disarmament. Those .
  • Yves here. When high level bank and government dealings start resembling a John Grisham novel, it's a sign that the rule of law is breaking down in a serious way. Given that the Troika's plan for Greece is to break it on the rack, this sort of criminality isn't a surprise. But the troubling bit is that if you reset this story in the US, I doubt anyone would find it implausible.
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  • Japan's banking system has consolidated dramatically since the s. The list below gives an account of the banking industry's composition and consolidation. Mizuho Financial Group () / Mizuho Bank / Mizuho Corporate Bank () Dai-Ichi Kangyō Bank () Dai-Ichi Bank;.