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  • Jul 20,  · Finally, it should be noted that deification does not mean absorption into God, since the deified creature remains itself and distinct. It is the whole human being, body and soul, who is transfigured in the Spirit into the likeness of the divine nature, and deification is .
  • deification definition: 1. the act of deifying 2. the state of being deified 3. a deified embodimentOrigin of deificationMiddle English deificacioun from Ecclesiastical Late Latin deificatio.
  • Jun 19,  · Let’s end the deification of Diana: New movie needs to show the good, the bad and the ugly of the Princess of Wales Chris Sweeney Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines.
  • May 25,  · Rhymes: eɪʃən Noun []. deification (usually uncountable, plural deifications). The act of deifying; exaltation to divine honors; apotheosis.; Excessive praise.; A deified embodiment.. , Ann Leckie, Ancillary Justice: We went through the main hall, four-armed Amaat looming, the air still smelling of incense and the heap of flowers at the god's feet and knees, back to a tiny chapel.
  • 'The deification of man' is not about one man any more than “the man of lawlessness” is about one man. Anyone who plays God is a “ son of destruction ” and history is replete with examples. I’m not sure where to start this message, so let’s go to the beginning of Genesis where the thought is whispered to Eve, “ Thou shalt be as.
  • Apr 27,  · Even worse, as Clyde Wilson once remarked, is the fact that the deification of Lincoln led to the deification of the presidency in general, and then eventually to the entire government. Robert Penn Warren wrote about this phenomenon in his book, The Legacy of the Civil War, in which he explains how the Lincoln myth – The Legacy of the Civi.
  • deification definition: 1. the action of making someone or something into a god: 2. the action of considering someone or. Learn more.
  • Synonyms for deification in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for deification. 14 synonyms for deification: worship, adoration, apotheosis, exaltation, glorification.