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  • Lyrics to 'Preservation Of Immortality' by Wretched: Here at the break of dawn, I wait secluded from occurrences that stand foretold. / Hesitation devastates me, while the reek of you empowers me to defy my immortal humanity. / So set in stone with these rulings, I can't deceive my father's regulations. / No matter what the lure, I must hold back my strength.
  • The Power of Immortality Exists in One's Self, Not in Another Being, Not in Another Life. This ancient current, the flow through and into the dynamic source, is the heart of the preservation of Kundalini as it rises from the threshold of the spine and arcs in the crown of the head. This ring.
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  • Cryonics (from Greek: κρύος kryos meaning 'cold') is the low-temperature freezing (usually at − °C or − °F or K) and storage of a human corpse or severed head, with the speculative hope that resurrection may be possible in the future. Cryonics is regarded with skepticism within the mainstream scientific community. It is generally viewed as a pseudoscience, and its.
  • Apr 26,  · Meet the company offering a chance at immortality for $, Published Tue, Apr 26 PM EDT Updated Fri, albeit at the more affordable cost of just $28, for whole-body.
  • Mar 01,  · There are two types of immortality: genetic and memetic. Genetic immortality includes the preservation as well as the reproduction of genes. Living forever like Duncan MacLeod in Highlander is one example of genetic immortality through preservation; freezing your body cryogenically is another. Genghis Khan and his now 16 million living.